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Our SABOTEUR jewellery is made of a high quality 925 sterling silver alloy, or an 18k yellow or white gold alloy. 

The 925 sterling silver can tarnish after some time, i.e. the surface turns dark. This can be affected by a variety of factors, such as exposure to saline air, chlorine, sulfur, moisture, sweat, cosmetics, household bleach, and other strong chemicals. 

In order to enjoy the valuable and beautiful jewellery for as long as possible, you should follow some basic recommendations and do not wear the fine jewellery when practicing the following activities and instead store it in a safe, dry place:

  • Jewellery should preferably not be worn during house, kitchen and garden work.
  • Wearing the jewellery when bathing / showering / swimming (salt or chlorine water), in whirlpools, thermal baths or in the sea should also be avoided.
  • Jewellery should be taken off before bedtime, as well as during sports activities such as training in the gym or contact sports.
  • Perfume or hairspray can fade the shine of the jewellery, especially change the surfaces of gemstones/ pearls. We recommend applying perfume, hairspray or other cosmetics before putting on the jewellery.
  • Pearls must not come into contact with perfume, make-up or hairspray. Their surface is damaged by alcohol or other solvents.
  • The storage of pearl jewellery should be done separately from other jewellery, ideally in a tissue bag or wrapped in a soft cloth. Therefore, your pearls cannot be scratched.

Please note that for goods that have larger polished silver/gold surfaces, traces of wear (e.g. scratches) become visible faster than with other items. These can occur after a very short time. External influences such as scratches etc. are normal signs of wear and do not represent a material defect.

When using the piece of jewellery, traces of wear such as scratches or marks are unavoidable. Wearing several pieces of jewellery next to or on top of each other can particularly lead to scratches. 

The items can be polished with a silver/gold cleaning cloth to improve the lustre of the metal. Furthermore, there is the possibility of a fee-based professional refurbishment in our workshop. Further information on our refurbishment service can be found here.


We recommend storing your jewellery in the supplied SABOTEUR jewellery boxes


Proper and regular care can extend the life of the jewellery.

  • The jewel can be carefully cleaned with a soft cloth under running, lukewarm water without the addition of cleaning agents.
  • To clean easily tarnished areas, please use a soft jewellery care cloth. 
  • If the discoloration cannot be removed with the jewellery care cloth, we recommend the use of a silver or gold jewellery care bath, the instructions for use must be observed and, if necessary, the compatibility of stones and pearls must be ensured in advance.

For our SABOTEUR customers we offer a refurbishment.

The refurbishment is carried out expertly in our in-house jewellery workshop. 

The piece of jewellery is intensively cleaned and polished.

Excluded from the refurbishment service are leather and satin straps, leather bracelets, knotted pearl necklaces, discolored beads and deep scratches or significant damage.

Further information on our refurbishment service can be found here.


Our waterproof SABOTEUR watch is designed to prevent the intrusion of external elements such as water, air or dust into the interior of the watch movement.

The degree to which our watch is resistant to water is given in 50 meters, which corresponds to 5 ATM (5 bar water pressure).

Waterproof 5 ATM (splash water, hand washing)

The waterproofness is not a permanent condition. 

Regular wear of the seals or improper use (e.g. swimming, diving, jumping from the edge of the pool, etc.) can affect them. 

An annual water resistance test is therefore recommended. 

If water or condensation forms under the glass (due to defective seals or improper use), have your watch professionally checked. Trapped water can affect the functioning of the watch.

In order to guarantee a long service life of your SABOTEUR watch, you should consider the following care instructions:

  • Avoid exposing the watch to extreme environmental conditions such as strong sunlight or high or low temperatures, as this can affect the tightness and function of the watch.
  • The crown should never be operated under water (no pulling; pressing and turning the crown), otherwise water can infiltrate into the watch.
  • Avoid extreme vibrations or shocks (e.g. sports activities such as playing golf, riding a motorcycle, or even heavy manual activities). Your watch is designed to withstand shocks of normal use.
  • Avoid using soaps or other chemicals that can damage your watch. Chemicals, solvents or greases can cause discoloration or damage to the case, seals and bracelet.
  • Watches with leather straps do not tolerate moisture and water. Be sure to keep them dry at all times, otherwise they can become porous and brittle. Depending on the frequency and use, we recommend replacing the leather strap from time to time.


Watch made of solid stainless steel (strap and case) or with rubber strap

  • The watch can be carefully cleaned with a soft cloth under running, lukewarm water without the addition of cleaning agents. The cleaning cloth should be untreated (no silver cleaning cloths or the like). 

Watch with stainless steel case and leather strap

  • You can easily remove dust or dirt from the case of your watch with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Please use only clear water and no soap or other detergents. The cleaning cloth should be untreated (no silver cleaning cloths or the like). 
  • Avoid water contact with the leather strap.


SABOTEUR stands for products of the highest quality. In order to be able to continue to convince you as a loyal customer with the highest standards, we ask you to observe certain criteria when purchasing our products online. Only via the main domain you will receive real SABOTEUR goods.

Pay particular attention to a correct choice of language and spelling in online shops. Extreme price reductions and deviations from the original price of the product also suggest a possible plagiarism sale. As a company, we actively combat these dubious Internet providers and work specifically with international customs to detect and directly confiscate plagiarism. This is for the benefit of our customers, because the counterfeit goods are cheaply produced plagiarism, in which no quality controls are carried out, which frequently result in harmful side effects.