About Piercing

Fine Piercing:

A new splendor

in our constellation of jewellery offerings

A new constellation is added to our realm of jewellery splendor

We are celebrating bodily worship by adding a spectacular collection of earrings and adornments to ignite Bodily Creativity & Material Imagination. Crafted of paramount materials only: 18k golds, sapphires, rubies, and a variety of diamonds; Genuine stones and naturally brilliant cuts & colors.

There are endless possibilities of piercing combinations. So you can find the perfect single piercing or beautiful combinations of different design options.

A Brandnew Collection

We are revealing 300 new pieces to our treasure trove, with a focus on new placements and endless possibilities.

The Piercing Areas

With specialty artists in our domain, we are offering these areas (& beyond) for piercing; To spark your imagination.

Our Piercing

Function & Requirements

If you want to have a piercing in one of our piercing studios, you have to meet some requirements:

Minimum age: 14 years

Only in company of a legal guardian, both need a valid ID. Indication of name, date of birth, address, telephone, email

Carry a proof that the accompanying person is a legal guardian. Carrying a consent form, filled out and signed by a parent or guardian.

Age 16 years

Carrying a valid ID and consent form, filled out and signed by a parent or guardian.

Indication of name, date of birth, address, telephone, e-mail

Age 18 years

Carrying a valid identity card.

Indication of name, date of birth, address, telephone, email

Declaration of consent will be filled out in the store.

Prices for Piercing in one of our Piercing Studios All prices without jewellery

Lobe: 20 GBP

Helix: 25 GBP

Cartilage: 35 GBP.

Please check our FAQ page for further criteria regarding your health condition

Consent Form & Privacy Policy

A Collection to ignite

bodily creativity & Material imagination.

Crafted of paramount materials only

18k Gold

Our Piercing Studs and Piercing Rings are made from 18k gold, with no room for anything else. Real gold is characterized by its color fastness and material resistance, and is hypoallergenic as well as nickel-free, so you won’t have any irritation or skin discoloring. Whether you choose white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, the authenticity and purity of your precious piece is confirmed with an engraving of our registered mark of responsibility.


SABOTEUR diamonds are thoroughly conflict-free, proudly sourced from countries that fully participate in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Each and every diamond is handpicked for their individual characteristics, and well-cut so that light may reflect upon and around you in its maximum brilliance. In addition to the classic round cut, we also offer baguette, navette, triangle, teardrop, and princess cuts.


Gemstones, as well as freshwater cultured pearls, all stones and minerals are hand selected and their individual structures and shapes are appreciated. Our repertoire includes white and black colored diamonds, emeralds, rubies, blue and pink sapphires, amethysts, malachite, onyx, turquoise and freshwater cultured pearls.

We are honored

to join you in your Piercing session.

Bookings may be requested here.