The Brand

Saboteur disrupts the world

of elevated jewellery with

an unapologetic approach to design.

new collections of

mythical jewellry & adornments

rooted in divine geometry

gracing this mortal world.

The People

Founded by Thomas Sabo

and his son Santiago Sabo, supported by Rita Sabo,

wife of Mr. Thomas Sabo. 

The vision of this new brand is based on

the heritage of over 35 years

of jewellery and design,carrying the influence

of a new cultural generation.

The brand welcomes many other creatives

from all over the world.

The Story

The story of Saboteur is a new tale told.

Our characteristics include Thomas Sabo, 

the father, husband and jewellery titan,

his son Santiago, carrying the influence of

a new cultural generation,

and Rita, the artist and creative mastermind

behind the SACRA collection.

The Approach

This is their own personal project,

created intimately together, sprung from love,

differences, and ethereal exploration.

SABOTEUR is the result of a cumulative dynasty,

and their exploration of the intersecting apex

of interests, passions, and aesthetics.

SABOTEUR is rooted in the acknowledgment of history,

what the legacy of a name entails,

and the pleasure derived from

the continuous pursuit of eternal beauty.


Saboteur ushers in a society

It is not made for all,

but all are welcome to join