The Saboteur safe word

is care


and how to clean?

There are a variety of methods for care and cleaning. Our piercer will tell you in detail which method is best for you personally and your freshly pierced piercing.


to facilitate healing

  • After your piercing ceremony at one of our Piercing Studios has taken place, the ritual is not yet done.
  • A new piercing object is making itself at home upon and within your body. Your piercing must be respected.
  • The healing process takes a minimum of three months, depending on your body and the location of your new piercing.
  • Therefore, it is also important that you refrain from sports, swimming pool, solarium and sauna for 4 weeks after piercing.
  • We care about helping you and your body heal with the perfect aftercare product to ensure your piercing wound heals perfectly.
  • Wash your hands very thoroughly before cleaning, and avoid touching the piercing with your fingers.
  • After showering, gently dry your piercing around the piercing puncture with a cotton swab.
  • Apply the After Care Spray front and back and avoid twisting the piercing.
  • Be thorough and gentle.
  • Keeping this area clean is important, but don’t overdo it. Over-cleansing more than twice a day can also get rid of important regenerating cells.
  • Be sure to softly pat the pierced area dry, as sometimes moisture can cause irritation.
  • Some build up is to be expected - we encourage you not to pick at this, as tempting as it may be.
  • The rest of your healing process is fairly intuitive. Be mindful of your hair and how you style it and avoid for example hairspray.
  • Put on and take off your clothing in a thoughtful fashion.
  • When sleeping, it’s best you rest your head on a smooth pillow or a neck roll, and avoid high temperatures and long showers.
  • We know that there are a lot of guidelines to keep in consideration, but we encourage you to follow them and see through your full ritual. This will insure that your piercing will forever be a beautiful part of you, enjoyed for a lifetime to come.
  • If you have any questions or problems regarding your piercing, you are welcome to contact our qualified piercers in one of our piercing studios.

Safe body reactions

and general tips

Safe Body Reaction

(The following reactions after the sting are normal and should not be a cause for concern):

• Swelling of the pierced area

• Slight burning or reddening

• Slight rebleeding or discharge from piercing

General Tips for your piercing

• Wash your hands thoroughly before you clean the piercing

• Do not touch the piercing with your fingers

• For at least 4 weeks do not use sauna, solarium, swimming pool and sports

• Carefully dry it after showering

• Do not twist the piercing

• Use a neck roll as a pillow

• Clean the piercing with a cotton swab or wipe

• Use aftercare spray every day twice

• Spray on the front and back of piercing

• The fresh piercing should not soak

• Avoid long showers

• Avoid makeup and hair products

The healing stages

of your piercing

Just Pierced

At the beginning of your healing process, your piercing will feel tender and appear swollen. You may experience occasional discomfort, and this is normal. Be extra cautious during this stage of the healing process.


Once the initial discomfort has settled, your piercing will begin the full phase of healing. Piercings heal from the inside out which is why it takes some time to heal and requires extra patience. During this phase, you should still be careful with your piercing and continue your aftercare. You may still experience occasional discharge and tenderness.


A piercing is safely considered healed once you have passed the length of your healing time, the discharge you’ve been cleaning off for several months completely ends and the jewellery feels natural without any discomfort.

Piercing area

specific aftercare tips


• Avoid headphones if they put any pressure on the piercing.

• Avoid makeup and hair products.

• Use a pillow roll to suspend ear in the middle of the hole while you sleep.

• Use gentle pressure from showerhead to help clear debris.

• Maintain cleanliness of phones, headphones, eyeglasses, helmets, hats, and anything that contacts the pierced area.


• Avoid any nasal sprays that aren’t saline.

• Avoid any harsh face wash.

• Avoid makeups, creams, and serums directly on the piercing.

• If you get a cold or allergies, be gentle when blowing your nose.


Downsizing refers to switching the initial backing of the piercing once initial swelling has subsided. Because of the way piercings heal, initial piercing posts typically have extra room to allow for the tissue to swell in the early phases of healing.

This is crucial to avoid jewellery embedding in the skin and get space to form a reasonable stitch channel.

Once this phase has passed, however, the post will be noticeably too long. Posts that are too long can snag more easily and move around excessively, which can lead to irritation and renewed swelling. For this reason, it is wise to proceed to the downsizing of your jewellery.

For this reason, it is advisable to choose a shorter back from our range after the healing process. Our piercers in our stores will be happy to help you with the jewellery change and professional advice. You are welcome to make another appointment at one of our piercing studios. You can also find more information about downsizing in our FAQs.