Sacra watch

designing the time, building an harmony,

saboteur is a time architect.

the spirit of sacra shines in its utilitarian function,

designed with a unique geometric perfection.

Everything start with an idea.

Initial sketches from the designer, creating the watch identity.

sculptural. simply complex. contemporary.

unexpected. unseen


Every watch is individually assembled.

Before the watch tick for the first time.

Watchmakers are meticulously assembling components together.

above, below, or beyond, wherever you go, may

your watch go with.


Individual and transportable watch roll.

steadfast. pure. time marches on, saboteur

marches with it

The Bezel

The very unique and unseen facetted bezel required a specific construction process. It is made in two parts and features different finishing to play with textures and lights.

The Dial

It features different levels and finishing. The grid in the middle is made of different see through layers letting appears the automatic Swiss made movement.

The Watchcase

Facetted and sculptural, the watchcase is one of the main signature component. The shape make the watch very confortable on the wrist.