Elemental watch

saboteur journeyed the world to find

who keeps the best time, and who makes it look best.

it is for the dedicated,

the meticulous, the highly skilled.

Everything start with an idea.

Initial sketches from the designer, creating the watch identity.

steadfast. pure.

time marches on, saboteur marches with it.

Before the watch tick for the first time.

Watchmakers are meticulously assembling components together.


Every watch is individually assembled.

an attitude many seek,

yet do not find.


Individual and transportable watch roll.

command all attention;

it does not demand it.

The Bezel

The Elemental watch is instantly recognizable for its 8 skulls on its facetted bezel. The bezel features exeptional hand finishing such as vertical satiné and mirror polishing.

The Dial

The fully openworked dial is very sharp and edgy. It let appears the heartbeat of the watch, the Swiss skeletoned automatic movement.

The Caseback

This very special and unique caseback opening, in a subtle skull shape enhances the watch and create a suprising look at the back of the timepiece.