Petit, a filigree jewellery collection

made of 18K Gold and conflict-free diamonds.

The Petit Collection

is like fine line drawings on the body.

Necklace Circle 18K Yellow Gold

Connected with a stylized circle,

decorated with 10 white diamonds.

The Circle

A circle, with its seamless form,

signifies eternity – no beginning, no end, a timeless continuum.

Featuring the highest quality 18k gold,

the Petit Collection is forever.

Bracelet Evil Eye 18K White Gold

White gold bracelet connected with an element

in the shape of an evil eye, decorated with a blue sapphire.

The Evil Eye

A centuries-old symbol, is believed to ward

off negative energy and protect against malevolent glares.

Petit brings attention to the detail.

Every piece ensures a touch of elegance.

Ring 18K Rose Gold

With ball elements and set with 9 white diamonds

The Diamond Ring

Rings embellished with diamonds embracing their

timeless elegance, capturing the brilliance of each moment.

These pieces bring good fortune,

but only to those who commit to it.

Necklace Moon 18K White Gold

Connected with a moon, decorated with 3 white diamonds.

The Moon

Represents cyclical renewal, mystery,

and the eternal dance between light and darkness.