Elemental is the force of all forces

The foundation of all else to build upon.

The Elemental Collection

overcomes all that is subtle and penetrates.

The Pendants

To be worn upon your choice of chain, which fits perfectly on all SABOTEUR chain offerings.

Pendant Monogram Turnable

a pendant with a spinning free axle, layered in spheres to twist and bend to your will.

Elemental possesses the brightness of the whole world.

All darkness is cast out.

Elemental Beads Bracelet Saboteur

with a stone that is so magical like no other.

The Bracelets

to be worn in a multitude of ways.

The Elemental Collection

is independent but it also plays well with others.

Elemental Signet Ring Rectangular

with the SABOTEUR Signet rising up and out from within it.

The Rings

tangible reminders to remain tethered to one’s self.

The pieces bring good fortune,

but only to those who commit to it.

The Necklaces

not simply one place. not solely one journey. not only one style.

Elemental Necklace Anchor

chained to nothing but ourselves.

Featuring precious metals and minerals,

the Elemental Collection is forever.

Elemental Automatic Watch

commands all attention; it does not demand it.

The Watches

Lest a moment be lost. Time marches on, Saboteur marches with it.