Fine piercing is body worship

with spectacular earrings and adornments.

Infinite options for piercing combinations.

Either a flawless single piercing or beautiful pairings.outwards.

Hoop Piercings

make a timeless and versatile statement.

Effortlessly blending classic elegance with a

contemporary edge for a bold and chic look.

Our brand new collection

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High-end piercings

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The Fine Piercing Collection offers a myriad of possibilities

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The stud piercings

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Timeless pieces

paired with symbols, diamonds and gemstones.

Fine Piercing Collection – 18K gold and

conflict-free diamonds unite for a stunning, ethical allure.

Ear chain piercings

to spark your imagination.

The chains and geometric shapes

add more layers to the piercing.

Piercing Collection serves as a radiant expression

of your unique style, intertwining elegance with ethical responsibility.

Made with only the finest materials

to bring elegance to every moment of your life.

Explore your constellations

with our divrse collection.