Sacra is a collection of

perfectly-proportioned cosmos

The Sacra Collection

oscillating from within our minds,expanding outwards onto our bodies.

Pendant Sacred Planet Turnable

an emblem worn by our fellow seekers

of knowledge and purveyors of beauty.

The Pendants and Body Chains

freed from confines. Tethered only to you.

On a pilgrimage to create

a realm of interesting, extraordinary, and integral time, space, and beauty.

Sacra Automatic Watch

with a unique form in mind. Geometric perfection.

The Watches

Above, below, or beyond, wherever you go, may your watch go with.

The Sacra Collection is used as protection of soul and spirit

and serves as a reminder of power and strength.

The Talisman Earring

The upper prism is movable, fixed onto its lower half.

The Earrings

to be worn with or without accompaniment.

May the Sacra Collection serve

as a reminder of where you have come and where all there is left to go.

The Sacred Diamond Cuff

A slight center raising forms a pyramid-like shape:

the most sacred of all structures.

Bracelets and Rings

to be worn in a multitude of ways.