We use in our high-quality handcrafted SABOTEUR jewellery only precious alloys which are of course all nickel, - and pollutant free.

Furthermore, we take great care to source recycled precious metals from our refiners. 

The purity and authenticity of the precious metal is confirmed in each piece of jewellery with the engraved fineness stamps and our registered SABOTEUR responsibility mark.

In the SABOTEUR jewellery pieces in which we use silver, we use the high-quality classic 925 sterling silver alloy. 

For this purpose, pure silver is alloyed together with copper in order to improve the strength and thus the resistance to the silver's closure, and to achieve a higher surface quality and a perfect shine. 

In this case, our SABOTEUR silver alloy consists of at least 92.5% fine silver, this is confirmed with the stamp AG925.

In addition to 925 sterling silver, in many of our jewellery pieces you can also find the exclusive 750 yellow gold, which is also named 18 carat gold. In this alloy of gold, silver and copper, 75% is fine gold. In this alloy, the material  is perfect for the production of very high-quality jewellery.

Some of our SABOTEUR jewellery is also created from 750 white gold. Yellow gold is colored white by melting it together with the precious platinum accompanying metal palladium. 

With our gold we also naturally avoid the use of nickel or other allergenic metals.

Our 18 karat palladium-white gold alloy is further electroplated with a layer of rhodium after the jewellery is finished to give the piece even more luster and brightness.

The AU 750 fineness stamp proofs the use of gold in these jewellery pieces.